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Privacy Policy

In order to provide appropriate and satisfactory service, East Bridge Co. Ltd. will use the personal information obtained from you.

Use of information

The information which our company acquired from the customer is utilized for the following:

  • To ensure service to our customers
  • To inform customers with our latest information and products
  • To offer both current and new services which may best suit customers
  • To kindly ask you to participate in our company’s survey in order to provide customers with great satisfaction

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Without customer's consent, we will never reveal any personal information such as Home Address, E-Mail Address, Phone Number, Access Code or ID to other companies; we are having signed a contract with or any other third party.

Personal Information Security Policy

We strive to perform appropriate and reasonable security policy to prevent dishonest access, data loss, damage, falsification and disclosure. Improvement is in operation time to time. In addition, our company has enciphered customer information using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

Use of Cookies

Our website may use cookies to provide secure authentication and store temporary session information.
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General Notice

Any business corporations or third party, which can access our website and service, or collecting any data for their business activity, East Bridge indicates that each of us has our own independent agreement or policy to operate. Therefore, we are not taking responsibility and duty to those agreements or policy that is independent of East Bridge.

Personal Information Inquiry

Please contact the section below to inquire your personal information.
Personal Information Management Supervisor:

For any inquiry, personal identification may need to be confirmed.
The information we obtained is only applied for answering customer's inquiry.